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Close and continuous relationship with customers to understand their business and accompany them in different situations


mazdakmachine.com: Ensuring the use of the best human resources according to the requirements


Prioritizing results-oriented through clear definition and continuous monitoring of goals in providing solutions

We consider excellence in providing services and speeding up at any time and place as well as reducing organizational costs as one of our main goals

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Management and investment in the supply chain of construction, road construction and mining machinery. " Universe Golden Cycle Machinery Co, Ltd "

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Providing advice and export and import services in a healthy and transparent environment also Creating security and trust in direct transactions and directly to satisfy customers.

"ماشین آلات زرین دوره کیهان" a decade of experience and brilliant history, while adhering to basic principles and commitments, in order to provide the best facilities and services.
Focused activity
This center has started every activity and performance in line with the trust and satisfaction of customers, so that by entering the site, customers and applicants can learn about the updated products and prices and act on their requests in the shortest possible time.
Human Resources
Thinking beyond the box, creating unique and new ideas and also using these ideas to improve existing procedures, products and services or to create procedures, products, services and New solutions. Being curious and trying to find new ways of doing things.

Quantitative and qualitative increase in the provision and supply of services

Globally accredited certification of a strategic system for measuring customer satisfaction

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A combination of experience, quality and strength with a growing vision to provide the best!

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Increasing the effectiveness and agility of services and products with the approach of improving customer experience
Empowerment and maximum coverage of active and potential customers in the domestic production chain
mazdakmachine.com: Expansion of domestic and foreign markets using advanced and modern technologies